In-House Counsel & Training Services

Small companies and research institutions often do not have the need and/or the financial resources to hire full time in-house counsel.  Similarly, organizations that do have in-house counsel occasionally need additional help.  Grimes & Yvon LLP can provide a valuable resource to such clients by handling, on an as-needed basis, the type of work typically performed by in-house counsel.  For example, we can work with you to:

  • Evaluate and organize existing patent portfolios
  • Develop an international patent strategy
  • Coordinate prosecution of worldwide patent portfolios – including serving as a liaison with outside U.S. and/or foreign counsel
  • Identify potentially patentable inventions and ensure timely filing of patent applications
  • Develop systems for internal invention reporting
  • Collect and synthesize IP-related information for reporting to management, Board of Directors, and/or investors
  • Consult with Executives and Directors to develop a strategy for managing complex patent and regulatory issues
  • Conduct in-house training on a variety of IP-related issues, including best practices
  • Serve as a liaison with outside litigation counsel
  • Draft and negotiate agreements with third parties (including license agreements, collaborative research agreements, confidentiality agreements, consultancy agreements, and material transfer agreements)

Because we prioritize long-term, high quality relationships with clients, we strive to understand each client’s business model and objectives.  This allows our attorneys to integrate seamlessly into an existing in-house team to help achieve the client’s legal and business objectives, while alleviating the burden of internal work overflow.